The Parish of “High Halstow with All Hallows & St. Mary Hoo” is a combination of three ancient parishes each dating back almost a 1000 years. For nearly 1000 years we have been involved, in the most important aspects of the lives of the inhabitants of the three villages. Despite the fast change of our modern society the church provides a solid foundation that is built upon solid rock of Jesus Christ and his love for us. Our message remains the same today as it did when the first places of worship were built here so very long. ago. Yet we don’t live in the past. We are as concerned about mod­ern issues as we are about timeless truths. We are at the heart of the vibrant life of our villages and care for you, your family and your friends, so if you have something that is worrying you and would like us to pray for you or help you in any way, why not let us know!…or something like this:

Contact Parish Office 01634 250637